Advice for Parents

International boarding students and their parents may wish to consider using an agent to assist them in selecting the best school for the child.

Why use an agent?

Things to consider when selecting a school

The following items should be considered prior to selecting a school, and should form part of the discussion with your agent:

For Your Info Please note your child will not be treated less favourably if they have any additional support needs. This information is requested so that we can help to ensure that the necessary assistance is provided to enable your child to realise their full potential.

The schools we recommend have good pastoral care, guidance teachers and counsellors, should they be required. The guardian however, would deal with any such problems 'in loco parentis'. Edinburgh Guardian Angels can act as both agent and guardian if required.

Edinburgh Guardian Angels have a business partner in Madrid and are collectively known as Inter Language. Inter Language specialise in assisting Spaniards to find schools in Scotland, North England and London as well as specialised Language schools throughout the UK.

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