16th Sep 2020

Covid 19 Policy Edinburgh Guardian Angels

Covid 19 Policy Edinburgh Guardian Angels July 2020


Guidance Notes for Host Families


How to Prevent Covid 19


·         Please discuss this with your students upon arrival.

·         Reduce spread of infection.

·         Maintain high levels of hygiene.

·         Practice social distancing/stay 2 metres away from others.

·         Wash hands thoroughly and often and every time you reach home after being outdoors.

·         Cough and sneeze into handkerchiefs.

·         Wear face masks at all times on public transport, attending hospitals and in shops. (keep a supply at home in case anyone runs short)

·         Keep anti-bacterial gel in students’ room (keep a supply at home in case anyone runs short)

·         People who are clinically vulnerable are advised to stay at home as much as possible and minimise contact with others outside their household (agree who are in the “friendship or household” bubbles) e.g. those aged over 70

·         The above affects the use of some host families during the Pandemic.


What should you do if anyone presents with symptoms of Covid 19


·         Stay home.

·         Don’t go to G.P / Pharmacy or hospital

·         Get a Coronavirus test from  NHS 24 or

·         The other household members will need to self-isolate too.

·         Stay home for 7 days, you could be infectious for up to a week.

·         Isolate for 14 days.


How to Practise Social Distancing


·         Use technology to Socialise

·         Maintain distance from other people when you go out.

·         Choose the right time and locations for exercise.

·         Avoid gathering with more than 6 people.

·         Minimise physical contact (shaking hands/touching) avoid touching face and mouth.






This is most important for those who are at the highest risk.  The Government Guidance for those who are currently shielding has changed as follows:


·         You may now meet in a group of up to 6 people outdoors, including people from different households, while maintaining social distancing.

·         You no longer need to observe social distancing with other members of your household.

·         You may form a “support bubble” with one other household. The “support bubble” can spend time together in each other’s homes without socially distancing.


What Happens if my child contracts Covid 19 symptoms whilst in Scotland


·         If it happens whilst in school, the school will ensure that your child is isolated, tested, taken care of appropriately. They would not be transferred to a host family due to the risk of infecting a family and the community.

·         If it happens whilst residing with a host family, the host family will isolate the student and take care of them within their family home until they can be tested for Covid 19 asap. If the test should prove positive your child will be transferred with appropriate medical care.

·         The host family will follow the Host Family Covid 19 Guidance.


What happens if a school closed due to Covid 19


·         Edinburgh Guardian Angels will use our safe transport service to transfer your child to a carefully selected Host Family who will care for your child during school closure.

·         Our Edinburgh Guardian Angels contract taxi drivers will adhere to the following:


·         Drivers will wear a face mask at all times.

·         Drivers will ensure that no previous customers have had symptoms of Covid 19.

·         Drivers will maintain distance when assisting with luggage.

·         Will avoid all physical/skin contact.

·         Taxi interiors will be wiped cleaning with anti-bacteria or disinfectant sprays between clients (door handles, seats etc)

·         Drivers wash hands before touching student’s luggage.

·         Drivers will always keep windows open to help with ventilation.

·         Switch off air conditioning to avoid recycling the air within the vehicle.

·         Any rubbish, personal waste, wipes, tissues etc will be disposed of by driver in disposable rubbish bags, before and after transporting the student.

·         The driver will always message the Guardian when he/she has collected the student and also when they have safely reached their destination.





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