23rd Nov 2018

Dear Agnes,



I would like to take the opportunity in the middle of the summer break to say thank you for the great job of you and your team, who took care of L during the last year.


You know, it is always a kind of an adventure for children and parents as well, when children leave out for the first time.
When our daughter went to Scotland, it was important for us, that we could have a good feeling, that there is trustful person nearby in cases of need.
Luckily, we didnít face any need, but beside this we enjoyed your efforts to make sure that Louise is feeling fine at her boarding school.


Thank you, so much and warm greetings, to your team!





W (parent) - Germany

23rd Nov 2018

Dear Agnes,


I write you a few lines so you can use them on the web and Social Networks:


"We arrived at EGA without knowing them, only by recommendations. Now, we already know that we have succeeded. EGA has provided us with all the logistical coverage necessary for our son to travel safely, punctually and comfortably.

They are fully reliable, responsible, careful and always aware of the needs and evolution of the child throughout the year".


Please, correct the spelling and grammatical errors that you find. 


Best Regards,


O & C


O & C (parents) - Spain

23rd Nov 2018

Dear Agnes

I really enjoyed my stay here and the weekends at the host family were just lovely.  Thanks for the nice dinners and obviously for taking care of me.


K (student) - Germany

23rd Nov 2018

Dear Agnes

All the host families that I have been with and all the taxi drivers are friendly and professional and always take care of you.

Thanks for taking care of me this exciting year.


J (student) - Spain

23rd Nov 2018
Agnes Masters has been my guardian for the last 3 years of my school career in Loretto. She has been absolutely wonderful guardian and friend to me. I always felt very safe knowing that my traveling details were managed by her and her company. Additionally she made a great effort to see me every term and took me out for many enjoyable dinners, together with a few other kids from my school. All the host families I have stayed with have been exceptionally welcoming and friendly. Not once has she missed my birthday, or the opportunity to assure me that she really cares about me. I am very thankful to had the pleasure of meeting her and having her as my guardian and would gladly recommend her. 

F (student) - Germany