23rd Jul 2012
I am very glad to have the opportunity to write a few words about Agnes Masters.

She has been working with us since last September when my daughter Costanza started attending Loretto School and I have found a very lovely, reliable and serious person to be a guardian for her.

She is also very precise in making you know all about the school and what is going on. With the pupils is very protective as well and she is always there if they need her.

Plus, a very loving person!

Maria C [parent] - Italy

2nd Jun 2010
While I was in Scotland abroad Agnes was my guardian and the thing I mostly remember is how she made everything special like going for dinner out she turned it into a dinner having a lot of fun. Agnes is the best guardian I could ever have and I enjoyed Scotland a lot mostly because of her and her jokes.

Lucia [student] - -

2nd Jun 2010
I'm happy with how I am treated and looked after by my guardian. She spent a lot of time to get to know me, and she knows me well and she tries hard to know what I need. I know I can speak to her anytime when there is a trouble, and it doesn't worry me much as she dealt with all of these kinds of problems well before.

Also I’m happy with my host family, they know guardian well, talk to each other about things I like to do and they always respect me. The host family make me feel at home.

T Woo [student] - Korea

2nd Jun 2010
I was so lucky to meet Agnes and Louis, my guardians and Val, my host family in Scotland when it was my first time to come here.

I was very happy that I have a very nice guardian – Agnes. She is always encouraging me to learn more from the Scottish culture and help me to improve my English. Also, she asked me don't be afraid to try to do something new. Everything will be ok if I try. I was grateful with her help. She always helps me with problems.

Val was very kind and very good at cooking. She always teaches us about her culture and makes me feel relaxed in her house.

I really appreciate what Agnes, Louis and Val teach me and help me so much this year. Best best best wishes!!!!

Lynn [student] - Hong Kong

2nd Jun 2010
At first I wasn't sure how the Guardian system works.  After talking to Agnes on the phone, I felt that she's very friendly and helpful and explained everything to me. She also made it clear what she charges and the type of services she provides.

And the best thing was that she was willing to meet up with the students and let them decide if they want her to be their guardian or not and gave them time to get to know her. They felt relaxed and happy when they met her and it really builds a good relationship right from the start.

M Mak [parent] - Hong Kong

2nd Jun 2010
Ha sido una gran suerte elegir Guardianangels para cuidar de nuestros hijos Guillermo y Lucia durante su estancia en Escocia, son unos grandes profesionales y se preocupan mucho por los niños y por su bienestar.
Te sientes muy tranquilo cuando dejas los hijos, lo más querido que tienes, en manos de una organización como la que dirigen Agnes y Louis que son tan cariñosos y eficaces, y están tan pendientes de que los niños estén bien cuidados, no les falte nada, que te echen poco de menos, y que además disfruten de un año inolvidable estando fuera de casa.

English Translation:
It was a very good decision to choose Edinburgh Guardian Angels to take care of our children Guillermo and Lucia during their stay in Scotland.
You feel very peaceful when you leave your children, dearest thing in our life, in the hands of an organization such as Agnes and Louis who run it are so loving and also efficient. They are so concerned that children are well cared for, not lacking anything. Nothing was ever too much trouble when I asked them to do anything for my children. They also ensured that Lucia and Guillermo enjoyed an unforgettable experience during their year away from home.

Ruiz Family [parents] - Spain

2nd Jun 2010
Liebe Agnes,

Für Ihre Bemühungen und Fürsorge um H sind wir sehr dankbar, und es ist für uns ein gutes Gefühl zu wissen dass unsere Tochter in guten Händen bei Ihnen ist.

Mit den besten Grüßen für Sie und Ihren Mann.

Christa und Max [parents] - Deutschland

2nd Jun 2010
I am so glad that I stayed with Agnes and Val during my first year in Scotland. I have a lot of fun with both of them and they gave me quite a lot of special experiences. They always help me when I need help.

We had a celebration for the Chinese New Year in Agnes's house. We played a few games with some other international students like me which was lovely and funny. I stayed with Val during whole half term holidays. She is so kind and I like her so much and her food :) She taught me how to make food. I made a few new friends in Val's house, and some of them are from different country, therefore we can have a little conversation after every dinner and I improved my English. I love them so much, and I enjoyed all the time with them!

R Shen [student] - Hong Kong

2nd Jun 2010
We are very satisfied with the work of Edinburgh Guardian Angels. You are always there on time and the co-operation with you works very well. You always give us regular information about how our daughter is doing in school and how she is feeling in general. I am happy with the regular communication and your choice of host family for our daughter.

I'm wishing you and your husband continued success with your business.

Sabine [parent] - Germany

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