3rd Apr 2015
Dear Agnes
First of all I want to say thank you for your lovely Scottish presents, which I really enjoyed
I just wanted to say that I am really grateful for the last four months, and you my dear, are one why it worked out and I could have such a wonderful Time!
Effort, Courage, humour, empathy, skills to organise but also a passion for caring are all the things you need in a guardian, at least from my point of view! and you have all these wonderful things in your heart and this factorised with the Agnes Factor, makes it Saint Agnes!
So in the name of all guarded kids in Scotland and elsewhere in the world:
And nothing is more likely to be remembered than your wonderful sound of laughing!
Dear Agnes stay as you are.  I enjoyed the different places you took me to visit, especially the theatre.
F - Germany

F [student] - Germany

3rd Apr 2015
This is T's mother.
Last weekend was his birthday, he was very glad to receive birthday present from you.
He and his friends share together.
As his mother, I thank you all very much, because you take care of T, he doesn't feel lonely and he enjoys life.
I'm not worried about him.
I want to say thank to his host family and to you, for the kind care you give him and make me at peace.
Have a nice day!

Kind regards
W - China 

W [parent] - China

3rd Apr 2015
As the year course is ending I just writing you to thanks because I'm very happy with all the English learned by my daughter at Loretto school and also how comfortable she has been all this time in your school.
She always speaks very well about her teachers and about her guardian Mrs Agnes Masters.  She has got many good friends and a lot of experiences.

To send my child to Scotland instead of London, for example, it's worse for us just for the flights connections but something that tips the balance for your option it's the figure of the guardian.  At the start we thought it was an extra spending to come to Scotland but we have felt all this time that our daughter was safer with this figure.  Mrs Agnes Masters has been in contact with us for almost everything and also has been worried for many things that we never thought it was part of her job.

Ruperto - Spain

Ruperto [parent] - Spain

24th Jul 2012
Leider  hatten wir keine Zeit  von dir und deiner gastfreundlichen Familie zu verabschieden.
Wir möchten uns bei dir herzlich bedanken, für all deine Mühe, Geduld und Ausdauer.
Ich hatte nie Sorge oder Zweifel, dass A nicht in besten Händen sei.
Auch A hat immer mit viel Sympathie und Freude von dir gesprochen.
Ich denke es war für unseren Sohn eine tolle Zeit in Schottland und er wird dieses Jahr als
kostbare Erinnerung bewahren.
Wann immer ihr in Deutschland seid möchten wir euch herzlich zu uns einlanden.
Lieben lieben Dank für alles T und D, Germany, July 2012

T and D [parents] - Germany

23rd Jul 2012
Our experience with Mrs Masters' guardian agency has been absolutely positive without any exception. My wife and me are able to recommend her services highly.

From the very first beginning we had the feeling that Caroline was in best hands. It is not easy for parents to see a teenager leaving home and being abroad for a longer period of time.

Mrs Masters is in the same way warm-hearted and consequent when it is necessary. We felt best informed by her about what we should know and contacting her via e-mail or mobile was always possible. Her business is in our opinion very well managed. Guardianship is for Mrs Masters not just a matter of work but a matter of passion.

We are very thankful for what she did and still does for Caroline. If one day our youngest daughter should go to
Kilgraston, her guardian would be Mrs Masters.

Markus H [parent] - Germany