23rd Jul 2012
When we first met Agnes we were very surprised because she was so
friendly and nice to us. She took us out for dinner and she told us if we
would have any problems we always could rely on her and ask her for
For both of us Agnes was like a mommy who always kept care of us and
made our life in Scotland as good as possible. She never forgot about
important occasions like birthdays and even did a party for us. And when
we started to miss our families and friends she always supported us and
helped us to cope with our sadness.
Agnes was always going to meet us in dealing with our desires.We were so
lucky to had such a good guardian.
Thank you Agnes for all you have done for us !
C from Germany and T from Russia

C and T [students] - Germany/Russia

23rd Jul 2012
I have been extremely lucky to have Edinburgh Guardian Angels as guardian for my son Leopoldo these months.
I have always found you, Agnes, to be kind, knowledgeable and efficient and I can fully trust my child in your care.  But all your family really know how to look after children and communicate with parents.
Because of you, I was very comforted and without worry while he has stayed in Scotland alone.  
I hope we can keep in touch and be friends,  I must say a giant thank you to you and Louis, to the host family and to all your fantastic family for the good care of Leopoldo.
If any friends ask for good guardian, I will refer them to Edinburgh Guardian Angels with no doubts.

With love

Monica [parent]

23rd Jul 2012

I am very glad to have the opportunity to write a few words about Agnes Masters. She has been working with us since last September when my daughter Costanza started attending Loretto School and I have found a very lovely, reliable and serious person to be a guardian for her. She is also very precise in making you know all about the school and what is going on. With the pupils is very protective as well and she is always there if they need her. 

Plus, a very loving person!

Maria C [parent] - Italy

2nd Jun 2010
While I was in Scotland abroad Agnes was my guardian and the thing I mostly remember is how she made everything special like going for dinner out she turned it into a dinner having a lot of fun. Agnes is the best guardian I could ever have and I enjoyed Scotland a lot mostly because of her and her jokes.

Lucia [student] - -

2nd Jun 2010
I'm happy with how I am treated and looked after by my guardian. She spent a lot of time to get to know me, and she knows me well and she tries hard to know what I need. I know I can speak to her anytime when there is a trouble, and it doesn't worry me much as she dealt with all of these kinds of problems well before.
Also Iím happy with my host family, they know guardian well, talk to each other about things I like to do and they always respect me. The host family make me feel at home.

T Woo [student] - Korea